Dump the categories of life and just be you.
Most of us feel the same way. So we built a community of faith instead of another church. And we made some promises to each other to keep ourselves on track.
Who doesn't want to be a better human, a better spouse, a better dad? We guarantee you can live your best day ever. That's our goal. And it's working. It might work for you!

Ever Feel Like This?

We did, too!

Six Guarantees - Guaranteed!

Twelve years ago, we made six guarantees to each other and everyone who came through the door. And that changed everything! Today, these guaranteees are for you.

No Condemnation

We guarantee that you will not be condemned. It’s that simple! No one in our church has perfect actions but we are all of value. The Son of God came to set us free and help us have the best life possible. God shows us the best way to live but he does not condemn us. He loves and we commit to do the same by you, guaranteed!

No Gossip

We guarantee that we will stomp out gossip at every turn. No one wants people talking about them behind their backs and we don’t either. It isn’t productive, it isn’t what people who love do. God focuses on the positives, speaks hope into our lives, and believes in who we are becoming. He is on our side and we commit the same to you, guaranteed!

No Hypocrisy

We guarantee that we will live and lead without hypocrisy. Its simple. No one in our church gets everything right the first time. We are always learning. But we want to follow God which means we must apply his truths to our decisions and direction in life. We commit to do the same by you, even when we have to fix ourselves, guaranteed!

No Drama

We guarantee that we will stomp out drama at ever turn. No one wants to be the victim of a drama or have a soap opera suck the life out of them. We don’t either. So we will keep it simple and stay out of each others business. We will keep confidences. Guaranteed! 

No Abandonment

God created you. God loves you with all your personality, quirks, successes, and failures. He is on your side. Perfection and performance are not why God loves you. He simply loves you. God might want you to change, but he will never abandon you, and we will stand by you just the same, guaranteed!


We guarantee that helping you follow God will always be our number one priority. We will do our absolute best to introduce you to a God who loves you, who understands who you are and who you can be, and then help you to apply the truths of God so that you can be prepared, confident, and skilled to live your best live ever.

Nobody's Perfect, Anything is Possible, Everyone is Welcome


I know I am going to sound biased. But I love Three Taverns. These people are my people. And these people accept everyone the same way the accepted me. We’re family, a community with two things in common. We have found an incredible life through our faith in God. We didn’t fit anywhere else. 

We are old, young, tall, short, skinny, not so skinny, creative, structured, introverts, extroverts, black, white, cream, brown, business owners, line workers, managers, nerds, foodies, executives, and so much more. There is so much variety but…

  • We all love having fun. Laughing.
  • We keep things simple.
  • We have been broken a time or twelve by life.
  • We got better.
  • We are trying to live our best day ever.
  • We want to make a difference in our community.
It’s really a great place with super useful teaching, good music, and like we said, a fun community. So if you are thinking about church, give  Three Taverns a shot. There’s always something new on tap.   

Six Promises

Over the years, we boiled down the things that let us be real and enjoy simplicity when it came to church. A few years ago, we turned them into promises for ourselves and everyone one who visits.


Learn truths that you can immediately use in life, business, and relationships.


Be inspired by someone younger. Be wiser with someone older. Be stronger together.


Everyone’s welcome, no one is perfect and everything is possible.


Enjoy stable leadership, accurate teaching, and commitment to your family.


Be a part of doing stuff that matters in our lives, in the community and around the world.


Experience the benefit of positive people pushing each other to be their best.


Paul was an incredible believer. But he was on his way to jail for his faith and had been abandoned by pretty much everybody (even some of the church because he was a hot potato). After a long journey to Rome, his guards stopped to rest and eat at a place called Three Taverns. Then it happened!  A small band of Christians in Rome heard that Paul was there and walked thirty  miles to meet him so he would not be alone. In Acts 28:15, the story wraps up with Paul seeing them coming over the hill. It says, "Paul's heart was encouraged." That's who we want to always be. People willing to walk thirty miles to meet folks where they are and encourage them - no matter what their journey looks like.

We aren't focused on being part of a denomination. You could say we are non-denominational. We would say we are a community of Christ followers. Who needs more identity than that?

We believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God, born of a virgin, God in flesh, who gave his life as a payment for everyone's sin, who provided forgiveness for all, and who rose from the dead to give us new life. We believe that God's words in the Bible are inspired, true and good to reconcile us to God and provide direction for living out our best day ever on this planet. You can read the full version of what we believe on this page.

Our staff is a picture of God's variety! So are the people. Our Discipleship Lead likes hip-hop and rap. Our CFO has a Masters in Entrepreneur Leadership and Percussion. Our Lead Guy loves Star Trek and anything Sci-fi. Our Executive Lead is a Harry Potter fan (well most of us are!) Our Worship Leader plays cello. We love coffee. Our Children's Lead is a craft junky. No matter what you like, who you are you will fit in!

You can expect a totally laid back Sunday with great truths, great music, and laughs. But most of all, you can expect to find a community of transparent, broken but repaired, real human beings. Check out the Visit Us page for more details.


Academy Kids DayCare

Academy Kids provides exceptional and affordable early childhood education and care. It is a community investment of Three Taverns to fight the rising costs of daycare in the Acworth area. 

  • Tuition is 30% less than area daycares.
  • 13,500 square feet of Grade A space.
  • Excellent staff (we pay 20% more than other daycares).
  • Super clean.
  • Super secure.

Kids Come First

Whether we have kids, are empty nesters, or no -nesters, we realize that kids are important. And we’re committed to partnering with parents to help them learn great values and life skills. There are several opportunities for kids at Three Taverns.

  • Sunday Worship Nursery (0 -2 years)
  • Sunday Juniors Worship and Learning (3 years to kindergarten )
  • Sunday Kids Church (1st through 5th grade)
  • Wednesday Nite Nursery (0-3 years)
  • Kid’s Wednesday Blast 7pm (4 years – 5th grade)


Katie and Karac are crazy about living life with our teens and pouring into their lives. The Youth Room is the launching pad for all things students.

  • Youth Group  7pm Wednesdays
  • Monthly Activities
  • Mission Trips
  • Service Projects
  • Camps and Retreats

Adult Ministry

Our adult ministry centers around authentic community and discipleship. We are better together. We are stronger. We are seeking transformation instead of education. And it’s working. There are tons of opportunities.

  • Sunday Gathering for Worship and Teanching 11am
  • Wednesday Talks 7pm – practical topics like finances, families, spirituality. It is a great way to meet your people. 
  • Men’s and Women’s Events
  • Marriage Retreats
  • Transformation Groups (discipleship like you have never seen it before!)

Discipleship Groups

D Groups are the quickest way to become prepared, confident and skilled in your faith. In other words, you can know what to do, why to do it, and navigate the unknowns of life.

Almost everyone (95%) gets in a D Group at Three Taverns. And all of them say how their lives will never be the same again. This is a “don’t miss” if you want to be better in every area of life.

Keyla's House of Smiles

Dwayne and Jessie Watkins lead this incredible opportunity for differently abled adults to get out for the day and get training and investment through out the week. Dwayne and Jessie are fully certified and approved through the State of Georgia.

If you need help with a differntly abled adult, contact Keylas House directly at (470) 206-9955.

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