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No Condemnation Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will not be condemned.  It’s that simple!  No one in our church has perfect actions but we are all of value.  The Son of God came to set us free and help us have the best life possible.  God shows us the best way to live but he does not condemn us.  He loves and we commit to do the same by you, guaranteed!

Discipleship Guarantee

We guarantee that we will provide you every opportunity to learn-no matter your maturity-more about the Bible and God.  We also guarantee that you will be able to find a small group to share your life with.  We also guarantee that our leaders will live the life before you.

  • Cross Culturalism – We have an incredible culture where kids get kids stuff, adults get adult stuff, and teens get teen stuff but, at the same time, there is an incredible connection between the young, the medium, and the older. From the general worship service, to the playground in the front yard, to church-wide service and fun – we love being together (all of us!)
    Mission trips are combined. Families travel on mission trips with singles. Teens gain huge amounts of support and wisdom from adults. It truly is community. People of all ages and all life situations spend time together.
  • Transparency – We don’t dream of a “be who you are” mentality. We live that life. You are welcome to be exactly who you are today and join us on our journey too. Facades don’t survive long in true community. They don’t need too because there is acceptance, hope, and belief in one another.
  • Biblical Basis – We don’t teach what we think or hypothesize. We teach what we know to be eternally true. We embrace the idea of absolutes as being freeing. We understand that we adjust to God, to love, and to eternal truth rather than trying to adjust God to our beliefs.
  • Service – Jesus did not come to be served but to serve others. We love being like Him whether its in the grocery store, unloading a car, on the mission field, or supporting another ministry. Service is an incredible way to share the love that we have and to encourage one another.
  • Community – We believe that we are individually stronger together. Community provides a place where God works through each and all of us in a reciprocal relationship. The community makes us better and we make the community better. It’s by God’s design.
  • Fun – We believe that God invented fun. We want to have fun.


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