Who’s the Villain in Your Story?

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When you ask people who the hero is in their story, they often say “God” or someone else’s name. Truth be told, you are the hero. You are the one who is the star of your story. You are the one who is out to save the world. You are Luke Skywalker! Those other people (and even God) are the Guides … Read More

Why You Should Go on a Mission

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There are things that I have learned by going on mission trips — things that I don’t know if I could have learned any other way. And, I don’t just mean trips to Africa — I mean trips across the street and here in the U.S. The word “mission” is an incredible word. It sparks thoughts of a highly trained SEAL … Read More

Freshman Calculus as a Senior

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I had to take Freshmen Business Calculus in my final quarter at Georgia State University. Somehow this genius missed taking a core math class. I have to be honest—it  started out as a disaster, but it turned out to be a life changing lesson. Let me explain. I had not taken a math class in ten years and I had … Read More

Don’t Be a Scrooge About the New Year

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I used to be all, “Stupid New Year. Stupid New Year’s resolutions. This day is no different than any other day…” But then, I grew up. Time and experience will tell you that you can try to swim upstream and deny that something should be what it appears to be but that doesn’t change what it seems to be. In other words, … Read More

Thankful This Season

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The traffic is crazy, things are expensive, people vary from joyful to grumpy, we have so much to do, there isn’t enough time, I have a cold – the list could go on and on for me (well, for any of us.) It is easy to complain, to express stress or dissatisfaction. It is easy for a statement of exhaustion to … Read More

Ten Seconds – A Long Time

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Flying helicopters was my childhood dream and in my 20’s it was my reality. but before I could fly I had to pass basic training and officer training. You probably think that flight school is a bit difficult because of the movies you have seen. You’re right — many wash out. Fewer wash out of Warrant Officer Training. If you … Read More

Open Your Heart

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So many people say that people won’t listen because they are closed minded. I disagree. I think people don’t listen to important messages because they are closed hearted. I was talking, laughing, and hanging out with family last night and somehow the topic of convincing people that there was more to church than religion. We came to the quick conclusion that … Read More

Christmas with the Kranks

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I might be a bit Scroogish but I am not a big fan of Christmas movies. I can’t figure out why but Jenn told Amber that we needed to watch Christmas with the Kranks and so last night we did. I kept saying it was a bit simple and silly. I laughed at the botox scene. But by the end … Read More

Douglas Sewer Hands

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And His Sidekick Tim “The Tool Man” Ryan The film “Edward Scissorhands” is about Edward, the unfinished creation of a scientist who died right after attaching scissor hands to young Edward. Edward was certainly misunderstood, got frustrated, and didn’t know what to do with his “hands.” An elderly lady took him in, believed in him and championed him as he … Read More

Crockpot Thinking

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I have learned that the few genius things that I say are usually the result of crockpot thinking. You know, you just put all the stuff in a slow cooking pot and go on with your day. In the beginning it is just stuff in a pot but the aromas and your appetite grow each time you walk through the … Read More