Become a Partner

Life is meant to be lived in community. There is strength in community. If you haven’t already, make sure that you read the “Why Partner?” page.

Get Your Account

  • Click this link┬áto open a new web page.
  • Follow the easy steps, sign in, and set up your profile.

Set Your Email Preferences

  • We don’t spam! You will not receive any emails until you set your preferences.
  • Look for the section”Set Email Preferences for this Group” at the top of the main part of your browser.
  • We suggest that you set your preferences to at least “Daily Updates of New Items” so that you won’t miss out on events and important information.
  • Most people use the “Daily Summary” to limit their notifications to a once-a-day newsletter of what happened on the City.

Go to the Three Taverns Group

  • Look in the left hand navigation bar of the new window and click “Groups”.
  • Now click “Three Taverns”

Start the Partner Process

  • Look at the top of the GROUP page and find the link “Become a Partner”
  • Click the link to begin the Partner Process.
  • Work through the process. You can stop and start the videos and learning at anytime. It takes about thirty minutes to do the process in one sitting.

Wait for your confirmation email

  • We will be notified when you finish the process and will add you to the Partners Database. When we do, you will get an email notification.
  • It’s that simple. Now look for special partner news and information.


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