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Cooking Up a Better Existence

Are you tired of bitter things or feeling bitter? Are you exhausted from anger? Bake Up a Better, Bitter-Free Life is a mini-series combining seven steps to make Jaidy’s Incredible Chocolate Cake (the best cake ever!) and seven steps to live a better, bitter-free life.

You will discover how to resolve the anger and hurt while escaping denial. Discover how to take control of those bitter challenges and turn them into something better for you. And, let bitter make a better you!

Episode Schedule

Episode One
The Ingredients
Intolerable alone, incredible together.
LIVE Sunday April 16
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Episode Two
The Mixing and Science
Combined properly, the effect of the ingredients is greater.
LIVE Sunday April 23
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Episode Three
Dare to Use Bitter Ingredients
Without the bitter ingredients, your cake will taste terrible.
LIVE Sunday April 30
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Episode Four
The Special Ingredient
Thinning your batter with boiling batter works better.
LIVE Sunday May 7
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Episode Five
Clean the Kitchen
Become better instead of bitter.
LIVE Sunday May 14
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Episode Six
Frosting the Cake
Frosting the cake takes everything to a whole new level.
LIVE Sunday May 21
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Episode Seven
Enjoy Your Cake
Cake is good alone and better shared with others.
LIVE Sunday May 28
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