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Having been fortunate enough to grow up in the church, I can point to many distinct moments in my short life where I truly knew that God was there. When I was younger, I had these moments during the exciting, spiritual things. I experienced God when my mom first told me about the Gospel, when I first saw my dad … Read More

It’s a New Life, It’s a New Day

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The new year brings joy and hope of something new. Sure, it’s just another day but it has this inherent hope attached to it. The first days of school are a little different — and not just for kids! Parents send little ones off for the first time, elementary goes to risky middle, and teenagers head off to high school and … Read More

Too Hot to Handle

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It has been said of a feisty girl and many plates of fajitas. “Be careful. The plate is hot!” It can also be said of the kettle that I boil water in for my coffee. But all of those things are great (yes, even the feisty girl – she’ll keep you on your toes!) They (whoever they are!) say that … Read More

Weed in the Cracks

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I cringe every time that I drive into our parking lot. Those stupid weeds growing in the cracks of the pavement are driving me crazy. It looks so hobo and out of place. Pavement may not be pretty but it certainly isn’t supposed to have weeds. Does anyone else notice the weeds? Why doesn’t someone do something about it? Do … Read More

You’re a Beast!

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I guess I am just truly human because I was encouraged, felt energized, puffed up a bit, and really felt – just – good about myself when Greg said to me, “You’re a beast!” Let me set the stage a bit. It was mid-week on the Cherokee Reservation where we had gone to do a “God sized” build for a … Read More

Ever Felt Like This?

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Amber and I picked up this wacky birdhouse at the Blue Ridge Arts Festival. I really like it. He’s a wacky little guy, creative, and I think perhaps I identify with his art. I wonder if he will scare off the very birds that he is supposed to support. I can’t tell you how many times I feel inside like … Read More

Dating an Architect

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The church is growing, the daycare is expanding, Christian Fellowship Theater is doing great, and we have no space left. So we have been dating some architects. How do you find that perfect firm? Are they a match? Do they like what you like? Is their style the same? Do they have the same philosophy? Are they cute? It is a … Read More

It’s Okay to Be Human

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Years ago I was teaching a men’s retreat and I asked the question, “Why do we sin? Why do we struggle?” A first timer, David, answered, “Because we are human.” Without thinking and without a filter on, I fired back, “No. We aren’t human. We are Christians. We are human plus the Spirit of God.” Now what I said was … Read More

I Like This Doug Voice

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She said it. I never thought about it. It was the oddest thing. We were all laying on an uncomfortable bridge at the end of a long day of hauling logs and debris from a creek so that kids could play at a camp where they would soon hear from God. That’s when she said it. “This is one of … Read More

Does Your Dog Poop Too Much?

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We have two puppies at home. Milo who is about 8 months and Macy who is about a year and a half. You have never seen two dogs poop so much in your entire life. We trained them to ring a bell when they need to go out. Ring, ring, ring. Poop, poop, poop. Their constant pooping made it almost … Read More