Live Until You Die

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My Mom and Dad are facing a life changing… My mom and dad are facing a life changing period. Dad is in rehab after radiation to emergency treat tumors that have taken over his brain. In three weeks or so, he will start a trial chemotherapy. What does this mean for mom and dad? They miss each other and they … Read More

Sitting to Serve

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Bob’s Incredible Story – Man, Do I Miss that Old Man About 13 years ago, we lost a tribe of older couples and it made no sense. All of them had been doing missions, building, showing up, hauling — these guys and gals were core involved people. With, seemingly, lame excuses, they headed out the door. At their new churches, … Read More

My Dad Said, “Don’t Sell to Friends”

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14He Was Right – A Three Taverns Cultural Reminder Have you ever been approached to buy something and you just didn’t know how to say no? Have you gone to that party, bought that thing, or sponsored a walk just because you don’t like conflict? It’s even worse when you don’t really have the money! Have you been at that church where people … Read More