Why You Should Go on a Mission

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There are things that I have learned by going on mission trips — things that I don’t know if I could have learned any other way. And, I don’t just mean trips to Africa — I mean trips across the street and here in the U.S. The word “mission” is an incredible word. It sparks thoughts of a highly trained SEAL … Read More

You’re a Beast!

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I guess I am just truly human because I was encouraged, felt energized, puffed up a bit, and really felt – just – good about myself when Greg said to me, “You’re a beast!” Let me set the stage a bit. It was mid-week on the Cherokee Reservation where we had gone to do a “God sized” build for a … Read More

Dead to the World!

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Go Greg! Dead to the world on the 16 hour return bus trip. The world is passing by. The bus is stopping. People moving around. Greg is dead to the world (we also had a picture of our friend Kim dead to the world but we were afraid to use it!) I am actually very envious of Greg because I … Read More

Does God Need Marketing? – Pt. 3

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DayCare is Different Than Jesus Buzz is good but there is a greater power in unsolicited, good, personal recommendations. People talk about what is important to them. If they have kids, they ask questions and make suggestions to people who have kids. Moms talk to moms about mom things. It is natural. What would it be like if unsolicited, good, … Read More