Freshman Calculus as a Senior

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I had to take Freshmen Business Calculus in my final quarter at Georgia State University. Somehow this genius missed taking a core math class. I have to be honest—it  started out as a disaster, but it turned out to be a life changing lesson. Let me explain. I had not taken a math class in ten years and I had … Read More

Ten Seconds – A Long Time

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Flying helicopters was my childhood dream and in my 20’s it was my reality. but before I could fly I had to pass basic training and officer training. You probably think that flight school is a bit difficult because of the movies you have seen. You’re right — many wash out. Fewer wash out of Warrant Officer Training. If you … Read More

Open Your Heart

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So many people say that people won’t listen because they are closed minded. I disagree. I think people don’t listen to important messages because they are closed hearted. I was talking, laughing, and hanging out with family last night and somehow the topic of convincing people that there was more to church than religion. We came to the quick conclusion that … Read More

Crockpot Thinking

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I have learned that the few genius things that I say are usually the result of crockpot thinking. You know, you just put all the stuff in a slow cooking pot and go on with your day. In the beginning it is just stuff in a pot but the aromas and your appetite grow each time you walk through the … Read More

Emperor of the Universe

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I am the Emperor of the Universe. It is not up for debate. I have been knighted as the Supreme Ruler of El Saucilo, but that is nothing compared to being the Emperor of the Universe. People laugh when they hear it and embrace it when we do something out of this world for them that no one has ever … Read More

Do I Need This?

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My professional and personal life has been tremendously impacted by a story I read where the Israelites had a conversation God about what they needed. “We need a king” they said. “You have me, why do you need a king? I guide you, protect you, and give you what you need” he replied. “We need a king. Everyone else has … Read More


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Having been fortunate enough to grow up in the church, I can point to many distinct moments in my short life where I truly knew that God was there. When I was younger, I had these moments during the exciting, spiritual things. I experienced God when my mom first told me about the Gospel, when I first saw my dad … Read More

It’s a New Life, It’s a New Day

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The new year brings joy and hope of something new. Sure, it’s just another day but it has this inherent hope attached to it. The first days of school are a little different — and not just for kids! Parents send little ones off for the first time, elementary goes to risky middle, and teenagers head off to high school and … Read More

Too Hot to Handle

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It has been said of a feisty girl and many plates of fajitas. “Be careful. The plate is hot!” It can also be said of the kettle that I boil water in for my coffee. But all of those things are great (yes, even the feisty girl – she’ll keep you on your toes!) They (whoever they are!) say that … Read More

Weed in the Cracks

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I cringe every time that I drive into our parking lot. Those stupid weeds growing in the cracks of the pavement are driving me crazy. It looks so hobo and out of place. Pavement may not be pretty but it certainly isn’t supposed to have weeds. Does anyone else notice the weeds? Why doesn’t someone do something about it? Do … Read More