Does God Need Marketing? – Pt. 4

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Sharks and Churches Shark Tank is a show where entrepreneurs pitch their idea or company to a panel (the Sharks) of start up investors. Products get rejected again and again because the need they meet is too hard to explain to the consumer (the buyer). The people who have developed these products are passionate. They are dedicated. They understand the … Read More

Does Your Dog Poop Too Much?

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We have two puppies at home. Milo who is about 8 months and Macy who is about a year and a half. You have never seen two dogs poop so much in your entire life. We trained them to ring a bell when they need to go out. Ring, ring, ring. Poop, poop, poop. Their constant pooping made it almost … Read More

Does God Need Marketing? – Pt. 3

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DayCare is Different Than Jesus Buzz is good but there is a greater power in unsolicited, good, personal recommendations. People talk about what is important to them. If they have kids, they ask questions and make suggestions to people who have kids. Moms talk to moms about mom things. It is natural. What would it be like if unsolicited, good, … Read More

Live Until You Die

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My Mom and Dad are facing a life changing… My mom and dad are facing a life changing period. Dad is in rehab after radiation to emergency treat tumors that have taken over his brain. In three weeks or so, he will start a trial chemotherapy. What does this mean for mom and dad? They miss each other and they … Read More

Sitting to Serve

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Bob’s Incredible Story – Man, Do I Miss that Old Man About 13 years ago, we lost a tribe of older couples and it made no sense. All of them had been doing missions, building, showing up, hauling — these guys and gals were core involved people. With, seemingly, lame excuses, they headed out the door. At their new churches, … Read More