Christmas with the Kranks

I might be a bit Scroogish but I am not a big fan of Christmas movies. I can’t figure out why but Jenn told Amber that we needed to watch Christmas with the Kranks and so last night we did. I kept saying it was a bit simple and silly. I laughed at the botox scene. But by the end of the movie, I had been sucked in.  It like all other Christmas stories and movies had a great catch. Whether it is a comedy, a drama, or just fun, This movie like all others said the same compelling thing – Christmas is about others.

It’s true. Christmas is about family, giving, and sharing. It is a time when we are prone to soften our hearts a bit.

It’s odd that the season can also be about stress, selfishness, and strife. Where to spend Christmas, what we really wanted, and so much busyness creep into Christmas. And, in come the Kranks again when Luther realizes that he has become self-absorbed and that giving, grace, and goodness have taken the back seat. The Kranks looked ridiculous when they decided to skip Christmas and cut of all their traditions. Christmas was happening all around them whether they wanted to believe it or not. Luther got so lost in skipping Christmas that he got mean.

There are people who argue that Christmas is a holiday that Christians stole from the world making it about Christ and what they believed. Some of that history may be true but, today, Christmas is still about Christ. There are those who have challenged the Christ in Christmas. They have gotten Kranky. Some want to strip the message out of Christmas to make it more acceptable to everyone which makes no sense at all. I believe that these people are like Luther. He just lost his way, did not see what he was missing and then fought against everyone to defend his position.

The story ends well with Luther having a change of heart and reliving the real meaning of Christmas. He takes action and gives a huge gift to a neighbor that he hasn’t treated well. He embraces his community that came in and bailed him out. He ends the movie with a smile.

I have been troubled lately. I realize that I don’t really tell others about Christ so much. I talk about my Christian walk, my awesome church, and how Christ has affected me but I am not so “out there” trying to help them see what they are missing. Christianity is happening all around the very people who are missing it and they are missing out – trying to skip it for whatever reason. I often wonder how important it is for me to help them end their movie with a smile.

Doug Burrier © 2016

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