Come Have Fun

One of our core values, or better, a main desire, is for us to have fun in life. Christianity and church and community can be fun – don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Jesus did not come to earth to give us another set of rules. He came to help us understand how to live a full life and to reunite us with God. Legalism, religion, and standard church-insanity can really take the fun out of this incredible life that God promised.

If you aren’t enjoying Christianity, something is wrong. Perhaps its guilt or just a lack of information on how this thing called Christianity works. The idea of church is a group of people gathering together because they love God and love each other. Church isn’t supposed to be oppressive or like a duty. It can be fun. It can make your life better. God accepts each of us exactly the way he created us and just where we are.

Don’t settle for standard christianity or church-insanity. episode free gems Find a set of believers that are really trying, really honest, and really loving.

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