My Dad Said, “Don’t Sell to Friends”

14He Was Right – A Three Taverns Cultural Reminder

Have you ever been approached to buy something and you just didn’t know how to say no? Have you gone to that party, bought that thing, or sponsored a walk just because you don’t like conflict? It’s even worse when you don’t really have the money! Have you been at that church where people attend to build their network, to get votes, or to spread the word? It’s even worse when you have to pick between the kids, the vendors or buy from everyone! That’s not Three Taverns! We are here to worship together, to be friends, to champion each other, and our focus is God.

My kids could never sell cookies here because it simply wasn’t the place and it wasn’t fair or right. I have never bought into the pastor selling water filters, Anyway or anything else. It isn’t that the businesses and charities of our friends are bad. Heck no! I get my haircut at Beth’s, Ben cuts my grass, and so many of our kids go to the DayCare.

Here’s why we don’t directly sell to one another, pass out flyers, or push school fundraisers.

  • People come here to be a family, to worship and to live their lives — not to become a market for goods.
  • It isn’t fair to put anyone in the position to have to say “No” to an 8 year old or another adult friend.
  • If you are selling, you are missing out on friendship, fellowship, and worship. On top of that you are working when you should be resting.
  • You never want to be that person that people avoid. Trust me – it will happen.
  • It’s a violation of trust to use a community contact list to make sales. That’s not why we share our numbers. That’s not why we are here.

We are here to worship, learn, and rest.

So what do you do? It’s simple when you are at church be part of the church. If you want to let people know what you do, we put up listings of community businesses. Let people approach you if they are interested. But if they approach you on Sunday, say “Hey, let’s do church today. I can call you later this week.” Don’t do business here. Protect the environment.

Trust me — when you call, you want people to know you love them. You don’t want them thinking, what do they want from me this time.

Let’s all do God, community, and worship while we are here – let’s take the day off.

Doug Burrier © 2016

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