Dating an Architect

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The church is growing, the daycare is expanding, Christian Fellowship Theater is doing great, and we have no space left. So we have been dating some architects. How do you find that perfect firm? Are they a match? Do they like what you like? Is their style the same? Do they have the same philosophy? Are they cute?

It is a lot like dating.

We started with speed dating and figured out quickly that some of these firms lived too far away, had a specific style, were too big and flashy. The list shrank quickly. We were even rejected by a few. Like I said, it’s a lot like dating

But we finally found a firm that was attractive, local, and held our same beliefs. So we decided to go on a date. Our first date focused on what each of us liked, our style, our past, what we wanted to do in the future. You know — first date kind of stuff.

Last week we went on our second date, walked the property, listened to each other, showed off our dream and it seems like they got it. They had some ideas too, some things that they really liked. It was kind of nice knowing that they had been thinking about us all week! But there was something odd that happened on our second date. We couldn’t get them to tell us all their ideas for the future. A few would slip out and then they would  hold back. Was something wrong? Was this not going to work.

I tell you, its a lot like dating.

Turns out that they just wanted to listen to our dream a bit more, to understand, and to make sure that they didn’t try to change us but rather evaluate whether we could go steady.  Again, it was nice having someone put us first and honor our date. They got it.

Perhaps you are intentionally meeting someone or they are meeting you for a specific purpose. Maybe you have something to sell, maybe you want to tell them about Christ. Here are a few ideas for your date:

  • Speed dating is okay. You may just not be a match. Let it go.
  • Don’t rush.
  • Listen to their dreams and where they are before you try to change them to what you want or like.
  • Ask lots of questions and talk less. We call that listening.
  • No matter if it is a match, honor who they are.

Meeting new people is a lot like a first date. What ideas do you have to intentionally get to know the people around you?

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