Dead to the World!

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greg-sleepingGo Greg! Dead to the world on the 16 hour return bus trip. The world is passing by. The bus is stopping. People moving around. Greg is dead to the world (we also had a picture of our friend Kim dead to the world but we were afraid to use it!) I am actually very envious of Greg because I can’t sleep like that. Envious of his oblivion. I had this crazy thought when I forwarded this photo to him — what if I could be like Greg when it came to the world full of distractions and frustrations and temptations? What if I could be dead to all of it just resting along my merry way? How incredible it would be to be impervious to all those things that have derailed and deterred me along the way! I want to be dead to the world and focused on only the things that matter. I don’t want to waste time on drama, distractions, errors, and all the rest. How awesome would it be to be simply dead to all of it?
Focus is very important to achieving great results. Focus is super important when it comes to following God. Being dead to the world, the this around us that aren’t part of the plan, is essential to spirituality Here are a few thoughts about living differently, as strangers in a world of distractions:

• Read the book, “The Best Yes” (sorry guys its a bit girl focused but the principles are true).

• Test everything before you taste it. If it isn’t part of a success diet for your life, don’t waste your time on it.

• Don’t be a fad follower. The everybodys who are doing it are doing it because they don’t have their own path.

• Listen politely to what people advise but test it rigorously against your original plan.

How much more could you do if you could focus, ignore the distractions, and be dead to the world? Had some ideas? Send them my way!

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