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And His Sidekick Tim “The Tool Man” Ryan

The film “Edward Scissorhands” is about Edward, the unfinished creation of a scientist who died right after attaching scissor hands to young Edward. Edward was certainly misunderstood, got frustrated, and didn’t know what to do with his “hands.” An elderly lady took him in, believed in him and championed him as he found his way. Edward found incredible things that he could do with his hands that helped those around him. He cut out snowflakes faster than anyone. He mowed the grass an did other incredible things. He found friends, he was accepted, and he was liked. Unfortunately, it ended in tragedy when someone needed defense and Edward’s hands became a misunderstood weapon.

Sometimes, I feel like Edward. This weekend was one of those times as I worked to repair a sewer line at the house. God has given me hands, a brain, and enough bravado to try what I sometimes wonder if I should have tried. I often myself feeling in over my head, overwhelmed, and questioning what I can really do with these hands. Where they really designed to do sewers? I see the work that God has allowed my hands (and, more expertly, the hands of others) to do. I know that often what keeps us from doing what we can do is that we look at our lives and wonder if the creator knew what he was doing when he gave us these hands.

We don’t have unwieldy, scary, foreign scissor hands. We just have hands that we don’t know what to do with. We need God who believes in his creation. We need others who stand beside us believing in us. We need to see our ability, our hands, as something planned not foreign.  Perhaps mostly, we need to be willing to try something new and do something great. It is funny to me that I am willing to learn, risk, and know that I can do something new and unthinkable for others when I often don’t believe I can do the same for my life.

In the end, Edward does something terrible with his hands as he defends someone else. I am reminded that I need to be careful to discern what I can do in comparison to what I should do.  So I went to bed feeling pretty dirty and smelly with a job half done. I am not even sure that my work measures up. Today, I have to return to it and I have to believe what my master plumber friend believes. I can do this.

What will you hands do today? Are your abilities foreign to you? What does your creator believe about what you can do in your world and the world of others?

Doug Burrier © 2016

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