Mexico Summer Mission Trip

Join us for a stop along “The Adventure of a Lifetime” and help 27 churches reach Mexico for Christ. How? Become part of the summer mission team heading to Camp El Saucillo, Mexico. That’s right – we are headed back to our long-time partners and friends to invest in the infrastructure that allows them to reach thousands of Mexicans for Christ and to train missionaries around the world. There is work for everyone of every skill level – all you need is a willing heart to serve.

We will be traveling the week of June 16-22 and it is going to be incredible! If you have ever wanted to go to that next place in your life while helping others – this is the trip for you. Disciples line up!

We will be flying Delta Airlines. Three short hours and you will be on the mission field.

The cost is $1,250 with a $200 sign up deposit. Wait before you panic people! Here are a few details that will help you:

  • In twenty-plus years, we have never had a trip (or any person) not get funded because of our unique faith-based, team fundraising approach. So IF YOU HAVE THE HEART TO GO, join the team and trust God.
  • There are 14 weeks before the trip so you only have to raise $90 a week.
  • The deposit can be paid in full or you can set up a recurring transaction online of $16 or more a week to pay it over time.
  • There may be an opportunity for you to use yours or your donors Delta SkyMiles to reduce ticket cost.

We are encouraging you to make sure that you are sacrificially invested in funding this trip. After all, why would we ask anyone to sacrificially donate unless we had done the same?

Drop a movie, a meal or two out, that special cappuccino, or whatever and commit to a recurring weekly donation to the effort. If you could cut $40 in expenses (or if you are younger babysit once or twice a week, mow a yard, etc.), you would earn over $560 of your trip without raising any money.

Time for action, time for fun and time to sign up!

  • You can fill out your application by filling out this form.
  • You can set up your recurring transaction by visiting this pageIf you are giving a recurring gift (great idea) make sure you make those changes to the form!
  • If you have questions, contact your team leader, Doug Burrier at
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