Fix Phil!

Help Fix Phil!

For two years Phil has struggled with an abscessed colon that has progressed from annoying to dangerous. We have scheduled surgery for Phil (Lori will be traveling with him too) in Atlanta in late July. Why July if it is critical? Unfortunately, Phil’s Medicare Part B does not go active until July and surgery without it would be in the tens of thousands. Even with Part B, the cost will be in the thousands.

We have made arrangements for surgeons and hospitals and are raising the needed $3,500 to get Phil and Lori here and cover the uncovered expenses. Here’s how you can help:

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Phil’s current condition is stable,  horribly painful, with infection being stemmed by medication.

Phil and Lori Brown are two of our favorite mentors and partners in ministry. They have served the Lord faithfully for over 40 years as missionaries planting churches reaching professionals around the globe. God is blessing them as Phil pastors the church in Santa Catarina and leads the efforts of a 20+ church network at their central Camp El Saucillo.

Lori teaches women as she has for years. And the years have been good to them. Through joys, trials, successes, and challenges, Phil and Lori have seen it all and continue to start churches. Many of the Three Taverns community have served at El Saucillo and have experienced the direct, honest, and wise love of Phil and Lori.

Ministry highlights:

  • The last camp in April 2014 had 912 teens attending.
  • The last gathering of 12 of the northern churches was 600+.
  • All of the churches invest time, talent, and treasure in El Saucillo using the camp to reach Mexico.

Three Taverns not only participates with the 20+ churches (we are part of the network) but also provides labor, skills, investment, and other support to El Saucillo and the Browns. If you are interested in supporting this ministry that is reaching thousands in Mexico, you can email Phil and Lori.


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