Does God Need Marketing? – Pt. 1

A DayCare Story

We opened Kids DayCare three years ago. Our goal was to do something that mattered by repurposing existing space to provide an affordable and excellent solution to the high costs of daycare. There was no doubt for us that people would see the love of God in the actions, message, and excellence of our staff. Today we have 46 children at the daycare and we are still growing. Families are finding a Christian community. Others are experiencing Christianity in action for the first time.

The journey has had its difficulties to say the least. If cost more than we ever planned just to open. We figured that people would flock to the daycare because it was beautiful, excellently staffed, and because it was 30% less expensive than anywhere around. That didn’t happen. The growth was slow at first and the church had to underwrite the effort. It was tough financially. We tried some marketing without tremendous results but soon we didn’t even have the funds to tell the world about this great place.

In the darkest financial moments with slower growth, we asked ourselves, “Is it time to stop? Were we right? Did we hear God?” But again and again, the leaders settled on the fact that we did hear him. We were sure of it. So we plowed forward.

Three years later with virtually no marketing at all, we have a waiting list for our next new room that is opening. We are planning to expand and improve the playground for a second time and the bills are getting paid. We have done much to continue to improve, to learn, and to be an even better daycare. We expanded our hours but still we did little marketing. The most powerful sources of our growth are a passive banner at the road, and more often, the great reviews and referrals on Facebook.

It is great to see the rooms full instead of ready and waiting. It is exciting to see what God is doing for the kids and their family.

So does God need marketing?

In this case, the answer is “No.” God has been able to spread the word, to sustain his venture, and to grow it in its season. In fact, I am not sure what we would have done if 40 kids showed up the first day.  I am convinced that our prayers and diligence to do for 5 kids what we are now doing for 45 kids were more powerful than anything. I  am convinced that our desire to do something for someone in need and our belief that God wanted it done were the most powerful things.

I find myself evaluating life now in this same way. Am I doing something that matters, something God wants done, and trusting him for the outcome?

Doug Burrier © 2016

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