It’s Okay to Be Human

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Years ago I was teaching a men’s retreat and I asked the question, “Why do we sin? Why do we struggle?” A first timer, David, answered, “Because we are human.” Without thinking and without a filter on, I fired back, “No. We aren’t human. We are Christians. We are human plus the Spirit of God.”

Now what I said was true. We aren’t just humans anymore. We can’t just cop out and blame our human-ness. But I was missing something in my zeal that a few more years of trial, challenges, and experiencing God has shown me. I am human.

Like it or not, I am frail at times. I am limited. I am learning. I am imperfect. Even at my best, I am being reformed by God — recreated. I was designed to be perfect but like every other human on the planet, I chose to sin. I chose to do it my way. I have an imperfect, somewhat tainted body and mind. It is true — I am human and so are you. I am human when I am physically and mentally tired. I am human when I experience loss. I am human when I vent. I am human when I don’t feel like going on. I am human.

Trials, successes, and life have shown me the real truth that I am human. Like it or not — I am just a human. Nowadays, it hits me most when I am being too hard on myself. You know those times when you think you should be performing better — when you shouldn’t tired or emotional. I think, “I should be better than this…” But in reality it is not a matter of better or worse. It is a matter of being human.

Humans get tired. Humans are limited. Humans don’t know everything. Humans face new challenges. Humans get overwhelmed. Humans are, well, very human.

There is no doubt that in those very human moments that I can and should reach out to a God who loves to empower humans like me. To ask for help, to pray, and to find wisdom. After all, part of my human journey with God is to become more like him. But I have also found that I need to accept that I am a human and take a few practical steps. Here are a few ideas if you are ready to accept your a human:

  • If you are tired – rest.
  • If you need to vent — vent.
  • If you haven’t eaten — eat.
  • If you are moving — move.
  • If you are hurting — accept it and allow yourself to hurt.
  • If you need time to process – take it.

Trust me. The world will not stop if you take time to take care of your human-ness. In fact, accepting that you are human gives you a great opportunity to ask God for help.

Doug Burrier © 2016

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