The Dream Was Born

We have over 14,000 square feet of high quality classrooms that have been used for both Sunday School and to help startup three independent Christian schools. In 2010, all of this beautiful space became unused as Three Taverns transitioned away from Sunday School to a new children’s worship/discipleship experience.

So the leaders began dreaming about how the space could be used for a great God purpose in this new season. The result was a decision to start a high quality, arts based, Christ focused, education available to everyone in the community.

Two years of planning and preparing came to fruit on December 3, 2102 with the opening of Academy Kids Daycare. Kids Daycare is the first of four phases that will bring affordably priced, Christ-focused education to families in and around Acworth.

  • Phase I – Kid’s Daycare focused on early childhood education
  • Phase II – PreK and Elementary launch
  • Phase III – Middle School launch
  • Phase IV – High School launch

All of us are excited to see the long range plan unfold but we are more excited about being able to help families by providing excellent care, nurturing, and education to their young ones — right now!

Key Ideas

Several key ideas (philosophies) of ministry and education collided to form a rough vision or guiding document for the Academy:

  • Provide a relaxed atmosphere that respects the individuality and unique creation of each student. The kids will be allowed to be themselves with each their own bent, style, and personality.
  • Provide liberal and fine arts education using sports as a vehicle to physical education and good health. Primary funding and focus would go to education and the arts.
  • Provide excellent structured education and expectations. Everyone can and should achieve.
  • Offer open enrollment (no application process). Whether its a lottery or lines, every child gets the opportunity for each open spot after returning students have registered. If the child works hard, performs well, and excels, then he keeps his spot as long as the parents wish.
  • Charge less and pay the teachers/staff more. From the start we will program fees will be no less than 20% below community average and the staff will be paid 20% more so that we can retain the best staff possible.

We Are Christians

Three Taverns will never limit enrollment to Christians but the standards of our community are based on Biblical values. Excellent education for all ages is the sole goal of The Academy Plan but our community and culture will always be kingdom focused as we focus on preparing and producing the best students possible that excel far beyond the average.

The Ten Year Plan

December of 2012 brought the launch of Academy Kids Daycare reaching newborns through 4 years. This cornerstone program will allow us to begin to teach and nurture the next generation of students through excellent early childhood education.

The 2013-2014 school year will graduate some of these kids into the Academy Kindergarten and Pre-K program. And so each year, the growth will continue as each year we strive to add no less than one grade level through 12th grade.

The next addition to our facilities will be a gymnasium for indoor physical education and future classrooms. A program like Upward Sports will begin after-hours to provide an outlet for every child to participate and learn sports of their choice. As for the advanced athlete, our community provides many outlets for advanced sporting.

We have also begun the architectural process to redesign our sanctuary to support a full performance stage for music, arts, and theatrics.

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