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Support an incredible missionary with a small, monthly gift!

We have thirty years of experience sending incredible people on short-term missions. We have been on over 100 successful efforts around the globe.

Along the way, we have met some incredible missionaries who need more financial support. And, we have found that the best way to support them is through many small monthly gifts.

We invite you to join hundreds of others supporting our curated list of missionaries.


Who We Support

  • Spiritually Mature

    We support mature, followers of Christ that live what they preach and teach. We support missionaries who are prepared, confident, and skilled disciples of Christ.

  • Bible Based

    We support those that consistently apply God's truths to their daily life and their ministry work. We support those that apply God's truths in all their decisions.

  • Disciple Makers

    We support ministries that make and release prepared, confident, and skilled disciples who regularly make more disciples. We support disciple makers.

  • Innovaters

    We support leaders who are creating inspiring solutions, starting cutting edge new works, and exploring ways to reach the world for Christ.

  • Financially Accountable

    We support those that have reasonable salaries reflective of those they serve. We support those who are accountable for how they spend their support.

  • Spiritually Supervised

    We support those that have clear, mature, experienced leaders that are a part of their daily lives and provide accountability and support.

We Curate Carefully

We do not accept direct requests from missionaries. We listen to those reputable leaders in the mission field, evaluate incredible missionaries we meet, and rely on God to connect us. Our goal is to only help support those that are spiritual, solid, and work in sustainable efforts that blatantly share the Good News with the world. We curate connections with those demonstrating success.

Support Bobby & Dom

Bobbie and Dom have a family budget of $2,000 a month.

They are the new Directors of Ministry and Events at El Sacuillo Camp in Mexico where they lead the efforts of 24 churches to raise up leaders, reach troubled teens, make disciples, and reach businessmen through Extreme Corporate Trainng. They work for Brian Brown the head of the RIBBI network of church sand missionaries in Mexico. RIBBI has over 40 years experience planting disciple making churches in Mexico and throughout the world.

Bobby and Dom have raised $200 of their monthly support so far.

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