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Having been fortunate enough to grow up in the church, I can point to many distinct moments in my short life where I truly knew that God was there. When I was younger, I had these moments during the exciting, spiritual things. I experienced God when my mom first told me about the Gospel, when I first saw my dad speaking in tongues, and when I saw several of my friends healed right in front of me at a youth camp.

Growing up, most of my Christian life was defined by these moments, remembering them or striving for the next big moment. More recently, I have found that you don’t find God in just these exciting moments, and I have seen God in much different moments than these.

I experienced God one morning at Dunkin’ Donuts when crap was hitting the fan everywhere I looked. I experienced God hauling trees out of a creek in Ariton and hanging out with the youth at summer camp this year. I experienced Him this morning as I comically tried to make breakfast quietly while my parents had a prayer meeting in the other room.

Looking back now, I realize that God was there in moments when I didn’t even realize it. He was there when I was lonely in Middle School and when I struggled with insecurity.

A moment with God doesn’t always look like a mountaintop, and it doesn’t even always look supernatural. It can be a moment where we trust him, work for him, or just live life with him. These moments are what truly define our relationship with Him, and they can be just as wonderful as the mountaintop moments, if not more so.
So whatever you day holds, even if life throws a steaming pile of poop at you, always be open to a moment with God. When you do this, your life will be so much richer.

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