New Here?

Dress Comfortable

Our pastor wears jeans – not to be cool, that’s just who he is.

There are some who just love dressing up a bit but if you like flip flops, Vans, shorts, or Doc Martins, you’ll fit in just fine. Be who you are!


Be Yourself

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Suess

We need you to be you! God’s diverse creation is reflected when different people come together. We just can’t be a complete, genuine community if you aren’t who God made you to be. So bring you quirks, your flair, and yourself. We’re looking for you!

When Do We Meet

Our church is like a community. We love hanging out and doing stuff together.

  • Main Worship – Sundays 11am
  • The Gospel Project for Kids – Sundays 11am
  • Incredible Bible Study – Wednesdays 7pm
  • Student Worship – Wednesdays 7pm
  • Elevate Kids! – Wednesdays 7pm
  • Monthly Outings and Fun

What to Expect


Sunday’s at Three Taverns

Start by joining us at 11 o’clock am for:

  • Current Music
  • Real, Relevant Teaching
  • Great Children’s Programs
  • A Handshake

Events at Three Taverns

Connect at gatherings, service projects, and outings.

  • Usher in new friendships
  • Interactive Fun Events
  • Opportunities to Help Others
  • A Laugh and a Good Memory

Wednesdays at Three Taverns

Learn more about Christian living.

  • Interactive Bible Study
  • Student Worship Service Study
  • Elevate Kids Program
  • A Conversation

Home at Three Taverns

Become a part of the dream!

  • Give back to the People
  • Get Your Hands Dirty Serving
  • Share the Dream with Others
  • A Dinner Date with Friends
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