It’s a New Life, It’s a New Day

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The new year brings joy and hope of something new. Sure, it’s just another day but it has this inherent hope attached to it. The first days of school are a little different — and not just for kids! Parents send little ones off for the first time, elementary goes to risky middle, and teenagers head off to high school and more independence. There are a lot of first days. The first day of a new job, the first date, the first day of a new commitment, etc. All of them exciting and new but a little scary.

So what is the difference between the simply exciting new year and all the other new days? The New Year happens in our normal while so many other first change our normal. We typically fight to keep our normal. Even the adventurous try to keep their normal of adventure and find it challenging to settle down for the long haul.

The funny thing is that we can never move forward without first days. We can never dream a new dream or go on an exciting new era without a first day. But we are designed to dream, to want to move forward, to head out into the unknown. The impossible never becomes possible without a new day. Sir Ken Robinson wrote:

“Imagination is the power to bring to mind the things that aren’t present.”

That’s the beauty of every day. Every day is a new day where the next great thing begins — the things we dream and the things that we don’t control. And there is no reason to panic because God is entirely aware of exactly what will happen today. He is right beside you and behind you cheering. In you want, God will even inspire you, run ahead, and lead you into that next new day of your life.

How powerful and confident to have a God who inspires you to  imagine an even better life and who has the power and wisdom to make every new day the first day of the rest of your life.

This is the day of your salvation

Doug Burrier © 2016

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