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So many people say that people won’t listen because they are closed minded. I disagree. I think people don’t listen to important messages because they are closed hearted.

I was talking, laughing, and hanging out with family last night and somehow the topic of convincing people that there was more to church than religion. We came to the quick conclusion that you just can’t show people who are wrapped up in religion that they are missing the point of Christianity – relationship. It sucks that so many people are missing out on love, hope, peace and an even better life because they have closed their hearts to God because Christians present religion as if it were God. It is so difficult to show someone the value of my relationship with a loving, incredible, powerful God when they have already closed the door. It stinks that so many Christians are not open to change, to pitching the programs for a real relationship with God because they know how it is supposed to be.

I was writing an intro to a new book this weekend. I wrote, “If you have already made up your mind about this topic, this book will never work for you. But if you dare to look at its pages, to look deeper, you might just find out how to help others.” Christians have so many hot topics, standard answers, cliches, and cliques. Humans are prone to buying into a routine saying, “Just tell me what to do.” That, however is not a relationship.

Broken people, on the other hand, listen better. It’s simple — they are desperate for hope, encouragement, or any answer. In that same intro I wrote, “but if you have or are living this hell, you will read these pages because you will read anything that might offer one bit of comfort, truth, or hope.” It dawns on me that I don’t have to wait until my heart is broken to open my heart and my mind. I can make a choice to open up my heart and listen. I might just grow when I encounter that challenging new message. I might just find the next big step in my spiritual life. I might just break down a dumb wall instead of having my heart broken.

I don’t think I am close hearted but I decided that I surely don’t ever want to be. I want to be able challenge myself and listen to God. I do not want to be a know it all. I do not want to be religious. I want to have a relationship with God. Funny thing is that like the woman at the well, if I am open hearted and actually encounter God, I will have a story so incredible that someone might really listen to.

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