Best Yes

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

It isn’t about saying “No.” It is about saying “Yes” to the right things. Best Yes explores and illustrates how we can prevent ourselves from becoming overwhelmed, over-committed, and overworked. A tremendous follow up read to Living at Peace in a Stressful World.

Living Peacefully

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2, Discipleship 3

Do you have trouble staying calm or struggling with worry and a lac of peace? This book is a definite read for all of us. Whether to remind us or show us for the first time, Hutchcraft does an excellent job of showing Christians how to exercise their God-given gift of peace.

This Present Darkness

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

One of the first in the modern age of Christian novels and now a classic, This Present Darkness follows the lives of a community and church from the perspective of the physical and spiritual realm exposing angels and demons. It challenges us to see the bigger picture and the spiritual warfare that goes on around us every day. An eye-opening … Read More

Fresh Wind – Fresh Fire

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

Cymbala reveals a secret: the church is first and foremost a house of prayer, he says, a place where souls can call on God. Cymbala tells not his church’s story as much as the stories of individual souls whose saving illustrate the truth of his testimony that God responds to prayer made in repentance and faith. Cymbala considers his work … Read More

How to Pray

dougburrier Discipleship 1

Old school, textbook style exploration into How to Pray. Torrey is a classic scholar and this is a classic, foundational book on a Biblical prayer life.

Do Over

dougburrier Beyond Discipleship, Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2, Discipleship 3

Starting on the first day you got paid to scoop ice cream or restock shelves, you’ve had the chance to develop the four elements all great careers have in common: relationships, skills, character, and hustle.Now it’s time to amplify them and apply them in a new way, creating a Career Savings Account™. This is a great read before and during … Read More

Improving Your Serve

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

Simply put, this classic will show you how to take your serve and make it even more honorable and durable before God. A must read that has been included in men’s discipleship for years.

Fresh Power

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

Fresh Power explores the third person in the Trinity: the Holy Spirit. It is easy to read but edgy as Cymbala urges Christians to abandon their comfort zones in favor of the unpredictable leadings of the Spirit. He challenges modern worship models that have Christians everywhere convinced that worship must be entertaining and inoffensive.