Surprised by Joy

dougburrier Discipleship 2, Discipleship 3

This is an auto-biographical book about the early, formational years of Lewis’ life, which began with a vaguely religious upbringing, led into devout Atheism, and ended in Christ’s drawing Lewis home. C.S. Lewis was one of the 20th Century’s best story-tellers and he makes this story entertaining and thought-provoking. It has two levels, as straight autobiography, or as a kind … Read More

Pursuit of Holiness

dougburrier Discipleship 1

This book has long since passed from the view of modern Christianity – sadly. A short but powerful read about what it means to pursue holiness and the impact that such a sold-out life will have on the believer. Inspiring and educational.

Tender Commandments

dougburrier Discipleship 1

Launching off the idea that the Ten Commandments were actually designed for our best and not our oppression Ron Mehl presents a life-changing look at our relationship with God and His interactions with us.

The Shack

dougburrier Discipleship 1

A novel that some say is controversial because it portrays God is a unique way. This book will stretch any believer and offers a unique approach to learning how to forgive, how to let go, and how to move on. The Shack is a great opener to help those with past hurts.