Fresh Wind – Fresh Fire

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

Cymbala reveals a secret: the church is first and foremost a house of prayer, he says, a place where souls can call on God. Cymbala tells not his church’s story as much as the stories of individual souls whose saving illustrate the truth of his testimony that God responds to prayer made in repentance and faith. Cymbala considers his work … Read More

How to Pray

dougburrier Discipleship 1

Old school, textbook style exploration into How to Pray. Torrey is a classic scholar and this is a classic, foundational book on a Biblical prayer life.

Fresh Power

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

Fresh Power explores the third person in the Trinity: the Holy Spirit. It is easy to read but edgy as Cymbala urges Christians to abandon their comfort zones in favor of the unpredictable leadings of the Spirit. He challenges modern worship models that have Christians everywhere convinced that worship must be entertaining and inoffensive.

Experiencing God

dougburrier Discipleship 2

The book is good – the workbook far better. Blackaby uses a great infographic and 13 lessons to show us how to join God where he is working in the world and our lives. Experiencing God illustrates the stages from crisis to choice that allows us to experience God in our lives. A great workbook for those who want to … Read More

Ruthless Trust

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

This may be the best of the enduring works of Brennan as he explores what it means to truly trust God and how freeing ruthless trust in Him can be. A tremendously well written, quotable book that will challenge the very core of your faith.

The Way of the Pilgrim

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

There isn’t enough space to describe this book. It tracks the life of a man who discovers a prayer rope as a discipline to pray along the way of his troubled life. It introduces the Philokalia, ancient writings by spiritual fathers, as one path of learning. Success, straying, and failure open along the path as this book challenges our prayer … Read More