Philokalia Vols. 1-4

dougburrier Beyond Discipleship, Discipleship 3

These are the source documents in four volumes of thousands of pages for The Book of Mystical Chapters. These writings date back to the 3rd century of Christianity and include everything from letters from mentors to pupils, to instructions for monks, to prayer, and to theology. Written by various authors who are considered to be the fathers of Christianity.

Book of Mystical Chapters

dougburrier Discipleship 3

This compilation of writings from the Orthodox fathers of early Christianity is broken into the theological categories of theoretikos, praktikos, gnostikos – the knowledge, practice, and mystery of the Christian faith. Incredible proverbial writings and excerpts long since abandoned for the modern church. This takes a level of learning to guard against and lean into the challenges of super spiritual … Read More

This Present Darkness

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One of the first in the modern age of Christian novels and now a classic, This Present Darkness follows the lives of a community and church from the perspective of the physical and spiritual realm exposing angels and demons. It challenges us to see the bigger picture and the spiritual warfare that goes on around us every day. An eye-opening … Read More

Fresh Wind – Fresh Fire

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

Cymbala reveals a secret: the church is first and foremost a house of prayer, he says, a place where souls can call on God. Cymbala tells not his church’s story as much as the stories of individual souls whose saving illustrate the truth of his testimony that God responds to prayer made in repentance and faith. Cymbala considers his work … Read More

How to Pray

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Old school, textbook style exploration into How to Pray. Torrey is a classic scholar and this is a classic, foundational book on a Biblical prayer life.

Spiritual Leadership

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The book that Maxwell says inspired everything for him. It is one of the old guys and a superior read that focuses on the real thing for Christian leaders – leading spiritually. A must read for all leaders.

Fresh Power

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

Fresh Power explores the third person in the Trinity: the Holy Spirit. It is easy to read but edgy as Cymbala urges Christians to abandon their comfort zones in favor of the unpredictable leadings of the Spirit. He challenges modern worship models that have Christians everywhere convinced that worship must be entertaining and inoffensive.

The Way of the Pilgrim

dougburrier Discipleship 1, Discipleship 2

There isn’t enough space to describe this book. It tracks the life of a man who discovers a prayer rope as a discipline to pray along the way of his troubled life. It introduces the Philokalia, ancient writings by spiritual fathers, as one path of learning. Success, straying, and failure open along the path as this book challenges our prayer … Read More