Too Hot to Handle

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It has been said of a feisty girl and many plates of fajitas. “Be careful. The plate is hot!” It can also be said of the kettle that I boil water in for my coffee. But all of those things are great (yes, even the feisty girl – she’ll keep you on your toes!)

They (whoever they are!) say that without risk there is no reward but that really isn’t true. You can be rewarded for obedience, diligence, good work, extra effort and so much more.

But risk is a part of living. Take the coffee kettle. Using a stove, picking up a hot metal, and pouring water are all risks. The risk is bigger if you are young or weak but even then the risk can be managed. Most of us simply manage it by using an oven mitt and keeping our hair out of the burner.

It may sound ridiculous but making coffee involves risks. We have just gotten great at managing those risks. It is much less risky to deliver a baby now as compared to the 1800’s. Heart attacks are less risky, and so on. One of life’s great dilemmas can be trying to figure out if risk can be managed into reward. Risk always results in a penalty or a benefit. That is why we call it risk. Here are a few tips to help with the dilemma:

  • Can you afford the loss? Do you need a win at work right now (a sure thing) or can  you roll the dice? Do you have enough money if that deal doesn’t work out?
  • Is the reward really a reward? We often think that the reward is great only to find out that we really didn’t need it or the risk.
  • Has anyone already made it simple? Do some research and see if anyone has invented an oven mitt for your risk. It may not be as risky as you think.

My favorite way of managing risk is to do what I can and pray. Risk involves the unknown and God is the master of what is unknown to me. I have a resource in Him. I can pray and seek peace for any unknown. If I am sure and have peace then risk turns into a journey of faith.

Doug Burrier © 2016

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