Weed in the Cracks

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weedsI cringe every time that I drive into our parking lot. Those stupid weeds growing in the cracks of the pavement are driving me crazy. It looks so hobo and out of place. Pavement may not be pretty but it certainly isn’t supposed to have weeds. Does anyone else notice the weeds? Why doesn’t someone do something about it? Do the weeds have to become trees before they are dealt with?

You can’t really keep pavement from cracking. You can slow it but, over time, it just cracks. Left alone the cracks fill with dirt and you get weeds. Even worse they fill with water and freeze and get bigger and bigger, year after year. The whole mess can be avoided by filling the cracks with a little tar or asphalt. As always, a little maintenance solves the whole problem.

I think sin is like weeds. It just lurks about waiting for a crack in our lives. Life is going to happen. Cracks are going to come. Left unmaintained, sin will easily (naturally) grow in those cracks without us even noticing. Then, one day, we have trees in our parking lot.

Others see it quickly. They drive into our lives. They understand the cracks, but boy, do they notice the things in our lives that are out of place but that we have long grown accustomed to.

Fixing cracks is easy preventative maintenance. Removing weeds, cleaning the cracks and repairing them is more difficult. Imagine how expensive it will be when the weeds become trees. So when will I do something about the weeds in my life? Better, what can I do to fix the cracks? Best, what can I do to prevent the cracks – not just for me but for my kids and my testimony.

Maybe the first place to start is to drive through the parking lot of my life and look for weeds and cracks. A little selfevaluation is a good thing. Little cracks may be where it all begins, but little cracks are the easiest to repair.

Doug Burrier © 2016

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