Who’s the Villain in Your Story?

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When you ask people who the hero is in their story, they often say “God” or someone else’s name. Truth be told, you are the hero. You are the one who is the star of your story. You are the one who is out to save the world. You are Luke Skywalker! Those other people (and even God) are the Guides in your story. The ones who help you along the way with wisdom and a plan.

So if you are the hero in your story, who is the villain? Again, most Christians respond with a spiritual, “the Devil.” But it that true? Is that how we live? It seems that most of us think that other people or other things are the villain. We stress over people. We stress over situations. We fight with people. We struggle with real, live, very non-spiritual things. We don’t live like we have a spiritual enemy. We fight what is right in front of us.

I am not so sure it is wrong. God and godly people are our guides in this very real physical world. And, it seems pretty convincing that we are the hero of our own story – win or lose. Is it possible that other people are the actual physical villains? Is it possible that people have gone to the “dark side” (if only for a moment) and they are the actual villain.

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