Work Hard. Be Nice.

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Ask yourself these questions: “Where do I see myself in 10 years?” and “What do I plan to be doing in 10 years?”
If your answer has the words “dream” and/or “wish” in it, then change the words. Seriously. Change those words to “will be.” Say “I will be (insert place) in 10 years” or “I will be doing X, Y, and Z in 10 years.”

You may be doubting me right now about fulfilling those future “dreams,” but you can make those “dreams” a reality if you Work Hard and Be Nice. Make the following statement your motto for the next ten years: “Work Hard. Be Nice.” Trust me, if you hustle nonstop and be nice to the people who you work with, those dreams will become a reality. But that is only possible if you work hard towards those things that you WILL do and not just DREAM about them. And the less you dream and actually work towards, the sooner you can get to those “dreams” that are actually realities that you haven’t experienced yet. Another thing that will you get closer to your realities is being nice to those that you surround yourself with.

So, the more people that you make a great impression on and show them that you can work as hard as you tell them, the easier and more quickly that you will be able to get to those future realities.

Let me leave you with this one thing: Work Hard. Be Nice.

It will simply make your life more fulfilling and joyful as you experience the greatest things through your constant hustle and great personality.

Isaac Burrier © 2016

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