You’re a Beast!

I guess I am just truly human because I was encouraged, felt energized, puffed up a bit, and really felt – just – good about myself when Greg said to me, “You’re a beast!”

Let me set the stage a bit. It was mid-week on the Cherokee Reservation where we had gone to do a “God sized” build for a mission base. Everything broke, was replaced, and we were tirelessly working in the 97 degree sun. It was beam, truss, and rafter day. We were all steady, dedicated, and tired.

I was enjoying working with our crew but man there were some younger, stronger folks in the crew. I know I can still hang with them and I don’t give up but I wasn’t feeling beasty. I was tired. I was readily using the younger labor. I was just working – we all were.

Then while in the trusses, hanging on for dear life (a bit of an exaggeration), Greg says to me from the ground, “You’re a beast up there!” Immediately I thought, “Really? I don’t feel like a beast. These other guys and gals are knocking it down. I am just working.” My second though was, “Oh, I get it, for my age…” Then I decided not to ruin the moment and just accept his words. It felt good. Even if he was crazy, I had someone cheering me on!

Here are a few thoughts take-aways from my moment:

  • I want to be Greg to Doug.
  • I want to take time to cheer.
  • I want to be aware and amazed at the efforts of others.
  • We are all of such value to God and one another. We can all do something, anything, and participate in everything.
  • We shouldn’t need cheering but it sure is nice!
  • We are a community effort – all of us.

What is your story? Who cheered you on last and made you feel, if only for a moment, invincible? Let me know. I would love to hear.

Doug Burrier © 2016

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